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Fluxus Heidelberg Center

Yoko Ono & Fluxus Freunde Wiesbaden e.V. Performance.

The performance is done in Heidelberg on two locations (Fluxus Heidelberg Center, Main Postal Office). As a reaction to a letter from Jurgen O. Olbrich (No-Institute, Kassel, Germany) and the information about the upcoming exhibition of the japanese Fluxus veteran AY-O in Wiesbaden, we decided to do a performance in which two letters are sent out simultaneously. One went to Yoko Ono in New York. The other one to the Fluxus Freunde Wiedbaden Association because they organize the exhibition.

The reason for the performance is quite simple. AY-O is japanese. We have had no previous contact with him. The exhibition is a collaboration of AY-O with concept-artist Jurgen O. Olbrich, whom we both know very well. Yoko Ono is Japanese and connected to Fluxus, and only recently sent us mail. With this simultaneous mailing we make connections between two YO's by playing with the letters......

The envelopes are made by Litsa Spathi. She uses a special concept that is applied for special envelopes by the Fluxus Heidelberg Center. This time it was decided to document the process so other receivers can understand how these envelopes are produced. Photos of the performance are made by Ruud Janssen. Below you will find a description of how the process goes and the photos show how the envelops look like. The mailing of the envelopes at the postoffice was documented as well. These fotos will be included later.


  1. Two A4-sized envelopes are placed on the working table.

  2. A special Credit Card is used to place boxes on the envelope which will contain the name of the receiver and the word Fluxus.

  3. The word FLUXUS is stamped with red ink, using a special stamping-set. To mark the X this letter is stamped in blue. This is also how in the logo of the Fluxus Heidelberg Center the X is emphasized.

  4. The name of the receiver is stamped on the envelope. The first name above Fluxus, the second name under Fluxus. Two rows are left open for the final addition of X and +

  5. The empty rows are filled with blue X and green + signs. This way the first name and last name are connected to the word Fluxus in the middle.

  6. The lines for the individual letters are surrounded with dotted lined using indian ink. When needed special effects are used to create the fluxus poem made by the letters.

  7. Small arrows direct to an empty box where the address will be added.

  8. The address is written in the box with Litsa's typical handwriting.

  9. the senders' address is added (stamp and/or sticker of the Fluxus Heidelberg Center).

  10. When the Fluxus Poem is ready the special stamp "Fluxus Poem by Litsa Spathi" is placed, and Litsa signes and dates the work.

  11. The work is now ready to be mailed. A trip to the center of Heidelberg is made where postage stamps are bought.

  12. On a special table inside the postal office the special postal stamps are placed on the envelope in the special place left open. Also a priority or "Luftpost" sticker is placed on the envelope, when needed.

  13. The last step of this performance: The envelopes are thrown into the Mailbox that stands inside the Postal Office.

  14. Of this performance about 120 digital photos are made. Some of these are used to illustrate this page on the website. Also 10 regular photos are made inside the postal office (a few will be added to this text and the final documentation).

For the latest details, visit , the site of FluxusFreunde Wiesbade e.V.

More details about the exhibition in Wiesbaden:

10 Years after his last solo-exhibition in Europe the Fluxus Freunde Wiesbaden Association presents the great Japanes artists AY-O (born 1931), in a collaboration with the Kasseler concept-artist Jurgen O. Olbrich. Location: the former bathingroom "Pariser Hof" where the installation will be presented. Titel: "Rainbow Objects Mandala". Opening Friday September 10th with Emmett Williams. Exhibition lasts till October 11th. Address: Im Pariser Hof, Spiegelgasse 9, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany.

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