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Fluxus Heidelberg Center


(c) October 2003 by Fluxus Heidelberg.

Defining Performance Art

In the book Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present (ISBN 0-500-20214-1 issue 1999), the Author RoseLee Goldenberg writes to explain what Performance Art is in her eyes:

Ken Friedman in action during one of his performances "Performance became accepted as a medium of artistic expression in its own right in the 1970s. At that time, conceptual art - which insisted on an art of ideas over product, and on an art that could not be bought and sold - was in its heydays and performance was often a demonstration, or an execution, of those ideas. Performance thus became the most tangible art form of the period."

Fluxus and Performance are highly connected. The more radical practitioners in Fluxus point out that what they do is Performance Art and not Performance. The difference is that in performance art the whole concept is thought out in advance, documented in advance, if needed invitations for the event are sent out, and only then it is performed. After the Performance the results are documented as well (texts, photos, videos, film). In Performance someone else has thought out a concept (like e.g. a theatre play), and the performers merely interpret the concept.

Performance is a re-presentation as Performance Art is the creating of something new.

Performance Art by Fluxus Heidelberg

Fluxus Heidelberg consist of two persons: Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen. Since 1993 they are communicating with eachother. Only in July 1996 they met for the first time. In July 2003 the two decide to form Fluxus Heidelberg in which they will do Performance Art. They also found the Fluxus Heidelberg Center in which all aspects of their work in Fluxus and research will be documented. The Center is the basis for this site, it contains all books and documents connected to Fluxus that both artists have gathered over the years. It also is the center that publishes books and texts (electronically and hard-copies) and produces objectbooks, artifacts, etc.

On the site of Fluxus Heidelberg Center there is a special place where most performances by Fluxus Heidelberg are documented (see The performances the artist-duo does is typical for the time they live in. They are the new generation of Fluxus Artists that uses and integrates the new electronic possibilities. The computer and the digital camera are in lots of their performances. Unlike the old-generation of Fluxus Artists, the results of performances are documented online immediately. Also Poetry becomes Fluxus Poetry because it is the result of a performance behind the computer (see

To quote the late Dick Higgins: "Fluxus has a life on it's own"

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(c) october 2003 - Fluxus Heidelberg Center