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Fluxus Heidelberg Center

See also: text to explain Performance Art and the difference with Performances. Published by Fluxus Heidelberg. A publication in PDF-format that documents the first performances of Fluxus Heidelberg from the start till February 2005 is also available at: Overview Performances FHC - March 2005.



  1. Icarus Fluxus Poetry

  2. Fluxus Performance: Flying Mail

  3. Drink DaDaCol

  4. Fluxus Poetry: No Face

  5. Fluxus Poetry: Arrow (Dedicated to Ken Friedman)

  6. Pink Au in Fluxus

  7. Fluxus Poetry: Fluxus I Light

  8. Fluxus Poetry: My Tree Boom Baum

  9. Fluxus Book Censored - Litsa Spathi

  10. Fluxlist Europe Promotion Video

  11. Fluxus Athens Video - Litsa Spathi

  12. The Fluxus Alpha - Litsa Spathi

  13. A Red Silence - Litsa Spathi

  14. No Reaction - Fluxus Poetry for Fluxlist

  15. A Dream - Ruud Janssen

  16. TAM was Here - Ruud Janssen

  17. Ruud Janssen tests Jackson Pollock

  18. A Fluxus Walk - Part 2 - Walking in a Circle

  19. Party-Time for the Cherries - Modern Fluxus Poetry

  20. The Battle of Troya - Tomatoes against Nuts and Chickens

  21. A Fluxus Walk - Part 1

  22. The Beautiful Helen - or The Stolen Tomato

  23. Where (Do you go to my lovely)

  24. Nobody goes Nowhere

  25. Watch IT ! (for John M. Bennett)

  26. The Balsamico Performance

  27. The Coffee Performance - 2

  28. The Terminator 4 Performance

  29. The Chestnut Performance

  30. The Fish (3X) Peformance

  31. Variation of the LOGO Performance

  32. The Koninck Performance in Antwerpen

On YouTube there is a growing list of Fluxus Videos. Old and New ones come together there. Just go yo the link to access them all:

Click on the link to go straight to YouTube and start the video!

before... and after... a FHC performance....

This pages gives an overview of all performances arranged and performed by Fluxus Heidelberg Center. Fluxus Heidelberg is run by the artists Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen.

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