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Fluxus Heidelberg Center

PERFORMANCE with The StickerDude

Joel Cohen, better known as The StickerDude from New York (RaggedEdge Press, -new address since July 26th 2004 - : 200 Hudson St. 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013-1807, USA), always sends us these surprise packages. In the beginning of 2004 he sent me the one illustrated besides this text. letter from the StickerDude to Ruud Janssen It was a reply to a letter we sent him from the Fluxus Heidelberg Center with in it details of the start of the center and prints of some of the performances we already did. In his reply he sent one of his lovely cards ("Meeting Adrift", Illustration by Thomas Kerr - Art Direction by The StickerDude (c) RaggedEdge Press, NYC see more info at The card had a note attached to it: "Send this to your Fluxus Heidelberg Sweetheart". And off course I did so.

Litsa Spathi received the card and observed if for weeks. Then she decided to make a drawing on the opposite side of the card, and created the Fluxus Poem on it (see below). The text that belongs to it: Fluxus Poem created on February 10th 2004 by Litsa Spathi as a reaction to the mail received from The StickerDude (USA). Title: "Meeting Adrift".

For the Fluxus Heidelberg Center folded cards of this Fluxus Poem were printed and distributed throughout the artworld. As a gift of what the StickerDude has started he will receive back the original artwork.

The Card travelled from New York (USA) to Tilburg (the Netherlands). From Tilburg to Heidelberg (Germany). Then - tranformed - back from Heidelberg to Tilburg. There it is digitized and published on the Fluxus Heidelberg Center Site. Cards are printed from these digital files. And on february 14th the card is returned to the StickerDude. It has a lot in it of a real-life Fluxus Performance. See the original and tranformed work below...........

The original card:

The transformed card:

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