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Fluxus Heidelberg Center


The FIRST performance took place in the center of Heidelberg (Alte Bruecke) on September 6th 2003. It is the official presentation of Fluxus Heidelberg and the Fluxus Heidelberg Center.

In this performance the logo of Fluxus Heidelberg is presented to the public, and the following guidelines were used during the preparation and doing of the performance.

  1. A press release was sent to the local press (via e-mail and through personal delivery).

  2. "Bitte Laecheln" Performance Heidelberg - press release in German language.

  3. A press conference was given on September 4th at the local newspaper (Rhein-Neckar Zeitung - RNZ).

  4. The public were the visitors / tourists at the touristic center of Heidelberg: The Old Bridge.

  5. They were invited to photogragh Fluxus Heidelberg, the presented logo and the performances.

  6. For this a special English invitation was written and copied and handed over to the visitors / tourists.

  7. Everybody who took a photo was invited to send a print back to the Fluxus Heidelberg center once they returned home.

  8. For this occassion every photographer was handed over a stamped envelope so they could use it to return the photo.

  9. This performance will be held several times at different locations so the collection of photos will grow.

  10. This could be inside Heidelberg, ouside Heidelberg, even outside Germany!.

  11. Somewhere next year all received mail and photos will be exibited in Heidelberg.

  12. more info soon..........

(All photos taken by Ruud Janssen and Litsa Spathi)

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(c) september 2003 - Fluxus Heidelberg Center