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Fluxus Heidelberg Center

See also: text to explain Performance Art and the difference with Performances. Published by Fluxus Heidelberg. A publication in PDF-format that documents the first performances of Fluxus Heidelberg from the start till February 2005 is also available at: Overview Performances FHC - March 2005 or have a look at the new overview of our published Fluxus Videos that is added to our site recently.



  1. Heidelberg, July 2003. Opening performance by Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen. On occasion of the start of Fluxus Heidelberg Center the Slide-Show "Variations of the Logo" was used for a first performance in a small circle of friends.
  2. Stuttgart, August 2003. Stamping Performance at the Greek Consulate in Stuttgart .
  3. Heidelberg, August 2003. Performance at the Main Railway Station go to the DB performance in the city Heidelberg.
  4. Heidelberg, August 2003. Performance "Drinking a cappuccino" on the 5th floor of "Horten/Kaufhof" in the Center of Heidelberg. On this page is also the 2nd version of the performance.
  5. Heidelberg, August 2003. Performance "Ordering a rubber stamp" in the center of Heidelberg.
  6. Heidelberg, August 2003. Performance "Wear a wig" in the main street of Heidelberg.
  7. Heidelberg, August 2003. Performance "Eat a lolly" - private performance.
  8. Heidelberg, September 2003. Performance in the Center of Heidelberg with a "Journalist" during an interview about Fluxus and performances.
  9. Heidelberg, September 2003. Performance in the Center of Heidelberg to promote the activities of Fluxus Heidelberg. Titel of performance: "Say Cheese".
  10. Several Locations, September - December 2003. Performance "Flyer - 4 variations" - distributing Fluxus Heidelberg Center Flyers.
  11. Heidelberg, September 2003. Performance at the Main Postal Office in Heidelberg: Mail to Fluxus-Artists.
  12. Minden, September 2003. Because of the 20 year Aniversary of Mail-Art Mekka Minden, Peter Kuestermann invited Fluxus Heidelberg Center for two Performances in Minden. Titel of the performances are: Mobile (Z)one and Channel T(W)o. There is also a album with a selection of Photos taken by viewers of the performances. contact Fluxus Heidelberg
  13. Tilburg - Netherlands, September 2003. The Cactus Performance. A play with a dangerous cactus.
  14. Breda - Netherlands, September 2003. The Museum Performance. Getting into a museum for free.
  15. Eindhoven - Netherlands, September 2003. The Sticker Performance. Make instant stickers.
  16. Heidelberg, September-October 2003. The Shields Performance. An overview of all found shields.
  17. Heidelberg, October 2003. The Terminator-IV Performance, a performance especially done for Arnold Schwarzenegger who has become Gouvenor of Calefornia.
  18. Ziegelhausen, October 2003. The Chestnut Performance, where one has to collect chestnuts and turn them into Fluxus.
  19. Heidelberg, December 2003. The Red Cabbage Performance, where a red cabbage is used to make a collage.
  20. Heidelberg, December 2003. The Cheap Men Performance, where Litsa Spathi finds a cheap man and provokes him.
  21. Heidelberg - Stuttgart, December 2003 - January 2004. The Year out Year in Performance for Ken Friedman.


  1. Heidelberg, January 2nd 2004. The Portrait Performance done in Heidelberg, where Litsa Spathi draws portraits of Ruud Janssen.
  2. Mannheim, January 4th 2004. The Snow-Fluxus Performance done in Mannheim.
  3. Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Mannheim, December 2003 - January 2004. Performance done on several locations, The Hat Performance, where a lot of hats were tested.
  4. New York, Tilburg, Heidelberg, February 2004. A Fluxus Performance with a card sent by The StickerDude to Tilburg, that travels to Heidelberg and back to Tilburg, and finally goes back to new York.
  5. Several Locations Germany and Netherlands, September - July 2004. The "Flyer Performance" - distributing Fluxus Heidelberg Center Flyers, is now ready and the final documentation is published at: Flyer Documentation.
  6. Heidelberg, Tilburg, January - December 2004. The Calendar Performance was started end of 2003 and was published starting from January 2004 in parts. To document it with full details we wrote this text. In December 2004 this performance will be ready and final documentation will be realized.
  7. Heidelberg, August 2004. A special performance for Yoko Ono and the Fluxus Freunde Wiesbaden e.V. was done. Two mailings specially made by Litsa Spathi to combine Yoko and Ay-O in a visual poem.
  8. Stuttgart, August 2004. The Flying Pizza Performance is placed online. A performance that we also have done before the FLuxus Heidelberg Center was founded.
  9. Heidelberg, December 2004. A Fluxus Performance called FLUX DRAW done in the Kaufhof warehouse in the center of Heidelberg on december 27th 2004. Litsa made instant drawings on a gadget that is sold in this store. The last drawing was left there to be sold.
  10. Heidelberg (Germany) - Sami (Greece), December 2004. The Year out Year in Performance was also done in the previous year on invitation by Ken Friedman. This year Litsa called in the year 2004 to Sami where it already was 2005 to participate in this performance. go to the PIG PERFORMANCE


  1. Heidelberg, January 2005. A Fluxus Performance called Pig Performance done on January 1st 2005 with a trditional backed swine.
  2. Mainz, May 2005. A fluxus Performance that is done at the 18th Mainzer Minipresses Messe can be accessed at: Performance at the MMPM. Have a look at how people like Luc Fierens, Reed Altemus, Peter Kuestermann and Francis van Maele look into our camera just before they are photographed together with Fluxus Heidelberg.


  1. Breda, February 2006. What we did...... will be online soon.....
  2. Antwerpen, June 2006. A Fluxus performance in Belgium called Koninck. The documentation also includes a video-registration of part of the performance. Also published on YouTube
  3. Breda, July 2006. A Fluxus performance called Fish Performance (X3) published on YouTube.


  1. Breda, Januari 2007. Over the years we did some fish performances that deal with real fish. Litsa Spathi published a few photos in her Fluxus Journal that you can access here: Fish Performances - some photos.
  2. Breda, June 2007. The Fluxus Performance Mourning for my sister. done by Litsa Spathi after returning from Athens, Greece.
  3. Breda, August 2007. Litsa Spathi did the Shopping Fluxus Performance. This performance deals with the temporary status of Internet-publications. What you see on the screen might have been changed after you have seen it. Nothing stays the same on the Internet for a longer time. The information is in a constant FLUX. Published in her Fluxus Journal - Week 34.


  1. Breda, Constant. Litsa published with other Fluxus Artists her work on Fluxlist Europe and the complete files are archived at : Archive of Fluxlist Europe.

before... and after... a FHC performance....

This pages gives an overview of all performances arranged and performed by Fluxus Heidelberg Center. Fluxus Heidelberg is run by the artists Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen.

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