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Fluxus Heidelberg Center

Overview of Performances by Fluxus Heidelberg

In the menu of all performances at you find a list with link to all the performances we did over the years. In March 2005 we published a documentation that gives an overview of all performances starting from the foundation of the Fluxus Heidelberg Center till February 2005. This publications is 123 pages large and contains all the texts and visuals that are published on this site till that date. The digital size was more than 10 Mbyte.

As an online version of that publication we made a shortened version that is accessible for you. It contains only a selection of the photos but has all texts of the scores in it. If you print it you'll have the document that is 47 pages large. The file is a PDF-file only 446 kBytes large.

Access the document by clicking on: FHC_Overview_Performances_v1_landscape_shortversion.pdf

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