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The performance took place in Museum for Modern Art "De Beyerd", Boschstraat 22, 4811 GH Breda (the Netherlands) on September 18th 2003.

  1. Look for a Museum for Modern Art in the town you are in.

  2. Put a poster of your activities on the wall of that museum and try to get the attention of the people working inside the museum.

  3. Convince those people that you are important Fluxus artists and get them so far that they invite you for a free tour in their museum.

  4. Make an unannounced performance in that museum.

  5. Document that performances.

  6. Publish the documentation on the Internet.

(All photos taken by Ruud Janssen and Litsa Spathi)


The performance in the Museum for Modern Art "De Beyerd" located in the "Boschstraat" in Breda (the Netherlands) took place on September 18th 2003. The suppost that talked to us even knew a lot about Fluxus since the museum had a recent Fluxus exhibition with one of the Dutch leading fluxus artists (Hitweek - Willem de Ridder). He invited us in to visit the (not yet opened) exhibition for the Breda-2003 Photo festival in which the museum was the leading location. We toured the rooms and found a video-performance which we used as background for our own performance.

We got a reaction (October 2003) from the person working at the Museum 'De Beyerd' who was on the photo. We corrected the text above a bit, but it is also interesting for the visitors of the site to read his reaction:

Hello Litsa Spathi & Ruud Janssen,

How nice to see the result of your performance! I forwarded it to Thomas Bakker who made the video-performance. There only two corrections in your positive text...

- The exhibition we had was about Hitweek, a magazine founded by Willem de Ridder who also founded The Fluxus movement (I will forward your e-mail and internetlink also, he'll like it)

- I am the guy on the picture you made with the three of us and I'm not a suppost, but the person who is responsible for publicity activities. I do not care about status much, but if you could change the text about my function, it would be more correct

But thanks anyway, i do like such kind of performances that are still going on all over the world with enthousiastic people bringen art under the people.


Tijs van Meel
Publicity De Beyerd

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