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Fluxus Heidelberg Center


These performances took place in Minden on September 13th (saturday). It is for the 20 years Mail Art Mekka (Kulturverein Wolkenstein) in "Kulturzentrum BUEZ". For this occasion Fluxus Heidelberg was invited to do two performances. On this page you will find the documentation of the performances, photos, and some explenations. Most performances at the festival were documented on video, so were ours. As soon as we get the digital versions of those video's we will share some more images with you on this site.


  1. Litsa and Ruud both wear their Fluxus Heidelberg Shirt.

  2. Ruud wraps Litsa left leg, waste and right arm with plastic tape (red).

  3. Ruud wraps Litsa right leg, waste and left arm with plastic tape (yellow). See also concept drawing of the performance that is published besides this text!

  4. During the wrapping and furtheron during the performance Litsa uses a (oversized) large pencil to illustrate that the envelopes should be used to write letters. She also has A0-sized papers with her to write on.

  5. On the tape envelopes are hung with in the invitation "Say Cheese". (see also say cheese performance).

  6. While Ruud hangs on more envelopes the public is asked to take one envelope and to read the letter in which they are invited to make a photo of us both and to send it back to us later.

  7. After the performance we pose for those who still want to make a photo.


  1. Ruud walks with his trolley to the stage.

  2. Ruud sits down and reads his newspaper (TAM PUBLICATIONS).

  3. Litsa walks with her trolley to the stage.

  4. Litsa sits down and reads her newspaper (ATELIER NOBODY PRESS).

  5. Ruud and Litsa interact while reading the newspapers and reveal the other pages of the newspapers.

  6. Ruud gets up and opens his trolley.

  7. Ruud takes out the red tape he used during the first performance.

  8. Litsa says to Ruud: "No way, baby.....".

  9. Litsa opens her trolley and takes out the yellow tape also used at the first performance.

  10. Litsa says to Ruud: "This is my territory......"

  11. Simultaneously Ruud and Litsa stick the tape to the stage and walk into the puplic.

  12. Viewers of the performance are asked to hold a corner of the tape and are asked to wear a mask ("protect yourself").

  13. The complete room is devided into parts by the red and yellow tape. The cameraman is caught between the lines as well.

  14. When the room is in complete chaos, Litsa and Ruud return to the stage and put on the last two masks.

  15. Both performers bow and the performance is ended.


(click on one of the images to go to enlarged photos set....)

More photos are expected to come in and will be published when they are digitized! The first ones are already online: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ALBUM HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS!


  1. As expected the first performance (Mobile (Z)one) caused some disturbance since there was already an official program going on. One of the readers of a poem even said to us during the performance: "You distrurbed me.....". A nice compliment, since that was our intention.

  2. About 50 envelopes were distributed during the event. A first reaction came from Geert de Decker, Belgium, who said he enjoyed the performance but unfortunately didn't have a camera with him, so he couldn't send back any photos.

  3. Some of the viewers of the performance were old friends of us as well. To name a few: Serge Segay (Russia) , Rea Nikonova (Russia), Geert de Decker (Belgium) , Henning Mittendorf (Germany) and Angela Mittendorf (Germany).

  4. Soon we will write some stories and reflections about the performances we did. These texts we will publish in another section on this site.........

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