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Fluxus Book for Jon Hendricks by Litsa Spathi.

a small visual version of the Fluxus Book by Litsa Spathi published by the Fluxus Heidelberg Center

The Fluxus Heidelberg Center has contacts with people throughout the old and new Fluxus-world. One of our contacts is Jon Hendricks (lives in New York, USA), who we send some of the Interviews with Fluxus people, our new fluxus poetry cards and calender-prints (see the Main menu for those).

Cover of the book Fluxus Codex Jon Hendricks worked many years on the "Fluxus Codex". Because of its volume and the large ammount of illustrations sometimes also called "the bible of Fluxus". After received lovely gifts from Jon (like an original sheet of artistamps by George Maciunas) and a recent card in which he thanked us for the print of the June Calender by our Center, Litsa decided to make an original booklet for him. On 180 g/m2 thick paper the collages were made, and also the typical letter-prints by Litsa are prominently there. For the site we made this digital version in which you see the seperate pages of the booklet projected one after another. That way the word-play becomes viewable as well.

Because the originals were in bright colours we had to reduce the amount of colors, so the speed of this animated gif is acceptable. The original animated gif was about 4 Mbyte. If you are interested in this file, just let us know. For postage and the costs of a CD we would be happy to send you a digital copy. When you click on the image above, you will get a complete version of the digital pages as they were scanned.

The original Hardcopy version was sent to Jon Hendricks in New York.

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