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  1. Go to the overview of Updates that were made for this site. A list where you can access all the latest additions, just click on the moving arrow. Sorted by year.

  2. Overview of Publications by the Fluxus Heidelberg Center. Contains Interviews, articles, pressreleases, etc... There is also a list of publications made available by others.

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  3. A library of Fluxus Poetry issued by Fluxus Heidelberg.

  4. Explore the List of performances done by Fluxus Heidelberg. You can also go direct to the overview of our growing list of published Fluxus Videos that is added to our site.

  5. Look at Photos made during performances in the past.

  6. Read in the Fluxus Journal by Litsa Spathi. A new entry added every week. A special logo on top of every page brings you to the main menu of the Fluxus Journal.

  7. In a online Calendar you can find links to the activities at the Fluxus Heidelberg Center. Each calendar contains a collage by Litsa Spathi. During 2004 the calendar will give access to the activities we will have done during the months that pass by.

  8. You want to contact us? Go to the Contact-Information and find out the details.

  9. You want to visit other Fluxus Related Sites then go to this growing list of links.

  10. View the performance Variations on the Logo. The logo was transformed into 410+ variations and a slide-show was made out of this.

  11. Have a look at the Sitemaps made of this site (several versions).

  12. Two archives are hosted at the Fluxus Heidelberg Center. They are: The Fluxus Heidelberg Center BLOG Archive and the Fluxlist Europe Archive. Both contain .PDF files of all entries to these both Blog's.

  13. You can visit the Fluxus Heidelberg Center BLOG to read about the latest news on Fluxus.

  14. You can Sign the Fluxus Heidelberg Guestbook or Read the Guestbook.

  15. During the last years we also publish a lot of our writings and visuals on BLOGS. Have a look at : Fluxlist Europe or Fluxus Heidelberg Center BLOG or Fluxus Heidelberg Center Videos

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