by Litsa Spathi

The FLUXUS JOURNAL started in November 2005. You can react by snail-mail to: Fluxus Journal, P.O. Box 1055, 4801 BB - Breda, the Netherlands. Or by e-mail to: Litsa Spathi.

2006 - WEEK 28 - Doing groceries at ALDI

Every time when Fluxus Heidelberg want to eat German products, they make a small walk through the Center of Breda (Netherlands) to visit one of the local ALDI-stores. German wine, German chocolate mousse, German Salami, Dutch Cheese (actually made in Germany), German soap and off course the typical German Sekt. We actually don't understand why the Dutch don't like Sekt at all. A good Riesling Sekt tastes better than the next Champagne.

So we did this week. We walked by our P.O. Box, collected our mail, and found in the locally placed wastepaper basket these beautiful postagestamps. At home the result was this collage.

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