by Litsa Spathi

The FLUXUS JOURNAL started in November 2005. You can react by snail-mail to: Fluxus Journal, P.O. Box 1055, 4801 BB - Breda, the Netherlands. Or by e-mail to: Litsa Spathi.


Allen Buckoff (Fluxus Midwest) publishes on his site the following text:

Fluxus means change among other things. The Fluxus of 1992 is not the Fluxus of 1962 and if it pretends to be - then it is fake. The real Fluxus moves out from its old center into many directions, and the paths are not easy to recognize without lining up new pieces, middle pieces and old pieces together. Dick Higgins.

With this text he publishes two images to show how Fluxus is seen nowadays.

(c) 2006 images by Fluxus Midwest - Allen Buckoff.

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