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2006 - WEEK 2 - E-mail from Essex

This e-mail arrived this week. As a reaction the drawing was made (see below).

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Leventaki, Eleftheria []
Verzonden: dinsdag 10 januari 2006 19:44
Onderwerp: Visual Poetry Exhibition Summer 2006
Dear Ms Spathi
I represent a team of Masters Gallery Studies students at the University of 
Essex, in the UK.  We will be putting on an exhibition of computer generated
Visual Poetry in the University Gallery between 15 June and 6 July 2006.  In
our preliminary research for the exhibition we were happy to discover Fluxus
The exhibition aims to reveal the latest practice in Visual Poetry, and how
electronic media has created new possibilities for Visual Poets, using
software which allows for experimentation in digital image, animation, video,
electronic sound, hypertext and holography.  Through our exhibition the viewer
will gain an insight into a medium of poetry where both language and pictorial
elements are positioned simultaneously and function in creative tension.  Not
only will the tension between the visual and literary fields be explored, but
also how the virtual realm can supersede the real. 
Because in Fluxus Poetry the build up of the poem is visible as well, we
thought that a performance of Fluxus Poetry would work well as part of the
education programme.
Do you think this is manageable? Any of your initial thoughts would be appreciated
I very much look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Me filikous xairetismous
(Sorry for writting in English but my colleagues don't undestand Greek!)
Elina Leventaki
MA in Gallery Studies
Department of Art History and Theory
University of Essex

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