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Fluxus Heidelberg Center

Stencil cut by BuZ Blurr (USA).

Stencil cut by BuZ Blurr, USA

The sheet above was produced by BuZ Blurr. The Stencil cut was made by him from images provided by Fluxus Heidelberg. New departures but no stoppages. Working for Fluxus Bucks & keys. If things went right BuZ received our four keys (two from Heidelberg and two from Tilburg). Also a bundle of Fluxus Bucks created by Fluxus Heidelberg was sent his way. He is now a rich man..... and so are we with these wonderful works he made for us.

BuZ Blurr has created a large series of stencil cuts of artists he met. Joel Cohen (NY, USA) even made a special artistamp sheet illustrating some of his works. His style can be recognized without any doubt.

The address of BuZ Blurr:

908 Main Street,
AR 71743,

Last note: In july 2005 Buz Blurr donated the original stencil cuts to the Fluxus Heidelberg Center Archive, as a -much appreciated- wedding gift.

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